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måndag 6 juli 2020

Making plans

Lesson three finished.

Yesterday I made plans in my writing. In this course, The creative doer course, I learn a whole different way of thinking and planning. At least it's different for me. I've written down my projects and which I want to give all my heart to. It's gonna be interesting to find out how my creative work will come out. I think I will be more commited and set on doing instead of thinking a lot. We'll see.

I also participated in a Q&A yesterday and got some questions answered about my writing. It was really helpful. She has very interesting answers to everything, Anna Lovind. I'm fascinated and very grateful to be part of this community and The creative doer course. This sisterhood is my favoriteplace right now! It gives me a lot of inspiration and feeling safe to take my steps towards my goals.

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