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måndag 31 januari 2022

My tree of life

You never know what may show in a session with My Rådmark.

This Saturday we had a session in Munay Ki. During the session I saw a tree, an old oak in my third eye. I reacted by twitching at first sight, because in the cortex of the oak was barbed wire. A voice kept telling me, very softly ”It is okey.” Over and over again. I came thinking of a friend that talks about that on Instagram. That it is okey to have scars. After a while, softly accepting the wire, I realized that is how life is. We all have our scars. We are here to learn, we are not here to be perfect - walking around and making no mistakes etc. Because if we don’t try and make mistakes we don’t grow. And how boring wouldn’t that be? 


After the session I decided to paint the oak. This is how it turned out on paper. A dance between me and my tree of life. I keep it on my altar as a reminder of that it is okey.

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