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lördag 27 mars 2021

The freedom of exploring


Step by step

I am exploring. 

Setting myself free from boundaries and truths and norms and values that are of no use any longer. They might have been of use years ago, but now they definitely don't. 

I am experiencing the sense of exploring without boundaries, without emotional shackles. What do I want? What is the next step? I don't really know.  

And it really doesn't matter. The only thing that does matter is me allowing myself to explore, to listen, to pause; letting the thoughts land within me. There's no need to rush. I have no schedule. I am doing this because I feel this ... tingling in my heart. This ... silent calling, whispering sense of joy and YES. Not a big one, more like a tiny ripple on the water surface. But it is there. I feel it and hear it and my heart and soul says: Let's explore this more. Let's take another step in this direction and see what happens.

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