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onsdag 21 april 2021



Everything will unfold as you move along your path.

No words needed.

This is beyond words,

beyond thinking,

beyond boundaries,

and beyond analytical thinking.

And when you get there - you'll know.

And if you don't - sit down gently and take a deep breath and connect with your body. 

Connect with the soul of your project, your hearts work.


A starseed.

So vulnerable.

So fragile.

So precious.

A starseed of a story that wants to be told through you.

It has chosen you to cooperate with.

What a gift. 

What an honor. 

What a magical opportunity to explore new shapes of yourself. 

And yes. You can do this.

One step at a time.

(Written after the meditation in Lesson two, The creative doer course.)

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