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söndag 25 oktober 2020


Speak to me

Let me tell your story.

Show me the way to tell your story.

The tale of Clara and the dragon is my most challenging story so far. I have never experienced so many aspects about writing as with this story.

And now I am getting ready to really, really dive in.

We all have different ways of writing, and for me it's a spiritual journey. It's a matter of co-working. Or rather co-creation. And that co-creation looks in many different ways. The journey looks different depending on what's going on in your life etc. 

Your way of writing is your truth to find out, taking one step at a time. There is no other way. It is you and this seed of story that you are going to co-create with.

I've gone through so much with this story.
Now I'm slowly getting it.
I ask it to speak to me.
I ask it to co-create with me.
I ask it to let me tell its story.
I ask it to show me the way of telling its story.

It won't always be easy, but I wouldn't love this way of writing if it was to easy and no challenges to go through and learn about.
If it wasn't for the challenges it would be booring.

It's not something I do occasionally, one hour once a month or so. No, this is on a daily basis. Or at least several times a week. Those are the conditions for the co-creation. And I love it. At least when I get in touch and the co-creation starts to work.
Then it is amazing and I am in flow.

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