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söndag 5 juli 2020


From last year

Oh those summerdays. To go out in the garden after a rainy night and bring some wild strawberries inside. That is life quality to me. Richdom. There is nothing like the scent of strawberries and wild strawberries. Can't compare it to the one's grown in greenhouses.

I step outside and say hello to the marigolds. Some have flower buds and I smile when I see that. Thinking of my manuscript about the fairy bell who also was put into soil by me in a similar way as with growing the marigolds. Now the fairy bell is being read by beta readers and I am slowly getting to know the cat Gusten better. It is a lesson in patience to be waiting. I believe it is the biggest challenge for writers. To let go and wait for the reactions. I'm glad I have the cat to know better.

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