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Här delar jag med mig av guldkornen jag finner på min resa genom livet.

onsdag 25 augusti 2021

Hide and seek

The fox came to me, asking me to play. It's hidden in the grass, I can see his ears amongst the flowers and grass. 

"Peekaboo", it says when I reach the fox. It jumps up and find a new spot for me to find him. 

I laugh at him.

"Play with me, play hide and seek", it says and hide in the grass so I only can see the ears. 

It's evening with the golden sun rays spreading in the valley. The fox wants me to join him for joyful seeking and I smile, giggling and feeling love. Love for the beautiful creature that has come to me so I will play instead of struggling with the words.

"Peekaboo", it says again. 

I recognize that sound. An imaginary bird I created some while ago made the same sound. He's name was Kraxe and he helped me, as the fox is doing. 

"Peekaboo" it says, this time more distinctly. 

Is it irritated? Alright, I get the message. Stop thinking and get into the play mode.

tisdag 3 augusti 2021

Ett livstecken

Är det redan augusti? Både juni och juli har passerat och jag har varit helt tyst här. Vad har jag sysslat med då? Jag har bland annat läst på om dramaturgi sedan sist, så nu kan jag inte se en film eller TV-serie utan att notera vändpunkter och andra viktiga ingredienser i en berättelse. En del hävdar att det där kan man eftersom samtliga Hollywood filmer kör samma koncept. Jag hävdar det motsatta. Antar det är för att jag blir så engagerad i filmen att jag inte känner igen tankesättet. Jag har liksom inte tid eller lust att fundera på dramaturgi för det är ju så spännande. Min inlevelseförmåga har det aldrig varit fel på, hehe. Lite väl bra har den varit, så pass att jag inte kan se thriller eller andra läskiga filmer utan att min hjärna får spel. Inga thrillerfilmer för min del tack. Här är det feelgood och drama som gäller.

lördag 8 maj 2021



Det är dag 8 I #skrivstreak2021 och jag hoppar in när vecka två har inletts. Blev tillfrågad i april av Wrinspo (på instagram) om jag ville vara med, men kände jag mig inte redo. Nu däremot, är jag sugen att ge det ett försök. Det är fint att kunna följa andra skrivande flera dagar i följd jag vill testa. Parallellt håller jag att ta fram ett sätt för mig som innebär ett lustfyllt skrivande med hjälp av The creative doer course. Trodde det kunde bli för mycket med skrivstreaken, men nu har jag ändrat mig. Mitt huvudsakliga skrivprojekt under skrivstreaken kommer vara  Draksagan del 1. Det är en fantasy-berättelse om 9-åriga Clara som en dag (eller snarare en natt) får besök av en drake. Hela hennes liv ändras drastiskt. Vad det innebär håller jag att ta reda , och jag hoppas att ni en dag inom en inte alltför avlägsen framtid ska läsa Claras berättelse. Men en sak i taget. Och ett steg i taget

måndag 3 maj 2021

The bumblebee


Källa fb.

The little bumblebee passed by on his round.
"Hey you!" I called for him. "How could you possibly fly? You aren't supposed to be able flying. It's impossible! It's against the rules!"
"Huh?" said the humblebee and paused his work with the flowers, looking at me over his shoulder. He seemed very uninterested in having any discussions at all. "What rules?" He frowned.
"You know ... the RULES!"
He frowned even more. Thought for a while and then said: "Oh - you mean science?"
"Ah ... well ... fuck that. I've been flying long time before you lot even tried to walk. So don't bother about your rules! I'm flying anyway. It's not a thing I think about, I just fly. I just go with the wind." He paused and looked at me. "You should try that some time." Then he continued his journey, visiting the flowers one by one.
"Oh, thank you for answering! Bye dear humblebee." I replied and waved.

söndag 25 april 2021

Let's get dirty


Let's get dirty.

Let's put our hands deep down into the soil.

Let's get dirt under our nails and soil in our faces.

Let's not give a damn shit about that.

Let's have leaves in our hair,

Let's roll around in the soil,

Let's lay down on the ground and listen.

Can you hear the heartbeat of Mother Earth?


Dig even deeper!

Get really, really messy and paint your face with soil. 

Brown, warm soil, heated by the sun rays and crowded of life.

And now, my dear - with the wild twinkling in our eyes - let's get the shit out through our asses.

Yes. Asses.

Because you know what?

This is our shitty first draft.

Don't you even try to make it look nice!

Don't you even dare trying make it look good!

That's not the point here, not at this stage.

So let's get really, really messy and get the shitty story out of our asses!

Let's paint our faces with soil, howl like the wolfs and cry out aloud like the indians. 

Let's connect to the heart beat of our story. 

And that, my love is all you need to know for now. The rest will unfold as you move along, taking the steps that shows for every step you leave behind you.

One step at a time.

onsdag 21 april 2021



Everything will unfold as you move along your path.

No words needed.

This is beyond words,

beyond thinking,

beyond boundaries,

and beyond analytical thinking.

And when you get there - you'll know.

And if you don't - sit down gently and take a deep breath and connect with your body. 

Connect with the soul of your project, your hearts work.


A starseed.

So vulnerable.

So fragile.

So precious.

A starseed of a story that wants to be told through you.

It has chosen you to cooperate with.

What a gift. 

What an honor. 

What a magical opportunity to explore new shapes of yourself. 

And yes. You can do this.

One step at a time.

(Written after the meditation in Lesson two, The creative doer course.)

onsdag 14 april 2021



This is Gandoor.

Gan as in Gandalf (the magician in The lord of the rings) and door as in a door keeper.

He keeps the door safe and open for me.

The doors to the unknown,

the doors to the creativity,

the doors to allowing and accepting,

the doors to enjoying the explorers journey.

the doors to loving and cherishing every step I take.


Originally he was a dragon, coming through a meditation with a important message. I instantly knew I wanted to draw him. I started later on that day and tried from the picture in my head but it was to hard. Then I started googling dragons and oh my, so many lovely pictures there are!

So I picked those who were similar to the picture in my head. And today I finished the drawing. But hey, some of you might say. Didn't you say it was a dragon? Yes my dear. It was a dragon. Or rather...Gandoor has many shapes. I believe I needed him more in the shape of a fox than of a dragon today. I believe he has many shapes; dragon, fox, raccoon. What more? I don't know. And it doesn't matter. One could expect me to be disapointed, complaining about the picture that didn't become a dragon. But you know what? It doen't matter that he came out as a fox. I feel the love anyway. And that my friend, is all that matters.

söndag 11 april 2021

Exploring dragons

It's sunday and we have typical April weather here in Linköping: it's snowing. But I'm sure it will melt away since spring is really here with flowers and everything. A perfect day for breadbaking and doing the lessons in The creative doer course. Well not all of them, but the first lesson. I did some yesterday and I saw a dragon in a meditation. So today I feel the urge to draw him. It wasn't easy, I can't draw a picture that fits the picture in my head. But hey - there's no need to rush. So I googled dragons and wow so many beautiful pictures of dragons there are! And as you can see in the picture I'm working on the dragon. Don't know when it will be finished and it doesn't matter. I'm doing this for the pure joy of it. I'm doing this as an explorer in creativity and intuition and love and space. And of course - in my pace.

lördag 27 mars 2021

The freedom of exploring


Step by step

I am exploring. 

Setting myself free from boundaries and truths and norms and values that are of no use any longer. They might have been of use years ago, but now they definitely don't. 

I am experiencing the sense of exploring without boundaries, without emotional shackles. What do I want? What is the next step? I don't really know.  

And it really doesn't matter. The only thing that does matter is me allowing myself to explore, to listen, to pause; letting the thoughts land within me. There's no need to rush. I have no schedule. I am doing this because I feel this ... tingling in my heart. This ... silent calling, whispering sense of joy and YES. Not a big one, more like a tiny ripple on the water surface. But it is there. I feel it and hear it and my heart and soul says: Let's explore this more. Let's take another step in this direction and see what happens.