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onsdag 25 augusti 2021

Hide and seek

The fox came to me, asking me to play. It's hidden in the grass, I can see his ears amongst the flowers and grass. 

"Peekaboo", it says when I reach the fox. It jumps up and find a new spot for me to find him. 

I laugh at him.

"Play with me, play hide and seek", it says and hide in the grass so I only can see the ears. 

It's evening with the golden sun rays spreading in the valley. The fox wants me to join him for joyful seeking and I smile, giggling and feeling love. Love for the beautiful creature that has come to me so I will play instead of struggling with the words.

"Peekaboo", it says again. 

I recognize that sound. An imaginary bird I created some while ago made the same sound. He's name was Kraxe and he helped me, as the fox is doing. 

"Peekaboo" it says, this time more distinctly. 

Is it irritated? Alright, I get the message. Stop thinking and get into the play mode.

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