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lördag 30 april 2022

Trust yourself flying

To celebrate.

To mark the beginning of a new journey.

Celebrate the joy of receiving as you fly in alignment with the winds.

The winds that whisper to you.

Whisper: ”Up. Up. Up.”

”Where?” you might whisper.

Don’t worry about that.

Just…enjoy flying.

Just…enjoy receiving.

Just…simply…embrace life and savor the winds.

Do you feel it?

Do you even hear it?

The whispers of the ancients, of the mothers and grandmothers and grand grandmothers coming to support you, holding your arms and giving you a feeling of safety enough for you to let go and jump into the unknown.

I know.

It is scary as hell.

But do it anyway.

Because you’ll discover there’s nowhere else to go. Nowhere else your heart wants to go.

There is no way back. This isn’t really an option, and you know it.

So of you go, my darling - of you go into the unknown.

Trust the winds. Trust the divine love. Trust the stardust.

Trust you’ll know when you get there.

Right now everything is in a haze, and it is how it works.

Because you need to trust they journey itself by closing your eyes and let the winds and your heart lead you to whatever is waiting for you on that next milestone of your journey.

And thinking about it - you don’t really want to know what you will land in - do you?

No. I thought so.

So trust yourself.

You’ll know when you get there.

Trust yourself and enjoy flying.

2 kommentarer:

  1. love it! thank you christina. so beautiful to fly with you

  2. Thank you! So lovely us flying together <3