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söndag 11 april 2021

Exploring dragons

It's sunday and we have typical April weather here in Linköping: it's snowing. But I'm sure it will melt away since spring is really here with flowers and everything. A perfect day for breadbaking and doing the lessons in The creative doer course. Well not all of them, but the first lesson. I did some yesterday and I saw a dragon in a meditation. So today I feel the urge to draw him. It wasn't easy, I can't draw a picture that fits the picture in my head. But hey - there's no need to rush. So I googled dragons and wow so many beautiful pictures of dragons there are! And as you can see in the picture I'm working on the dragon. Don't know when it will be finished and it doesn't matter. I'm doing this for the pure joy of it. I'm doing this as an explorer in creativity and intuition and love and space. And of course - in my pace.

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