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måndag 3 maj 2021

The bumblebee


Källa fb.

The little bumblebee passed by on his round.
"Hey you!" I called for him. "How could you possibly fly? You aren't supposed to be able flying. It's impossible! It's against the rules!"
"Huh?" said the humblebee and paused his work with the flowers, looking at me over his shoulder. He seemed very uninterested in having any discussions at all. "What rules?" He frowned.
"You know ... the RULES!"
He frowned even more. Thought for a while and then said: "Oh - you mean science?"
"Ah ... well ... fuck that. I've been flying long time before you lot even tried to walk. So don't bother about your rules! I'm flying anyway. It's not a thing I think about, I just fly. I just go with the wind." He paused and looked at me. "You should try that some time." Then he continued his journey, visiting the flowers one by one.
"Oh, thank you for answering! Bye dear humblebee." I replied and waved.

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